JECA program

  • JECA program consists on call to all young entrepreneurs holding entrepreneurial concepts to fill PARJE forms,
  • Among those who filled the forms, a number of 40 concepts with innovative character are shortlisted by a commission of PARJE staff,
  • After the shortlisting, they undergo an interview to determine a number of 25 young entrepreneurs with the most innovative entrepreneurial concepts to pursue the training of 40 hours during a period of 5 days, where they are taught how to elaborate a business plan,
  • After the training, they pursue a period of coaching where staff coaches teach them the technics of elaborating a business plan,(this can take 1 month),
  • Then after the coaching, everyone must produce his well-presented business plan for his concept,
  • Certificates are given to all those who have been capable to present their business plan,
  • Then follow the period of mentorship which is the connection to the entrepreneurs who succeed in the same domain of activities and who have started their business and are generating incomes.

We have to mention that the already started entrepreneurs must join Parje Global network (PGN) according to their levels (we have 6 different levels) to benefit Networking advantages.

The platform network advantages include: Mutual capacity building, professional Complementarity, access to the cash savings – mutuality Accounts, solidarity Securities, sharing fixed costs, common spaces and advertising tools, labour and network marketing, Information Sharing, Improved Products / Services, Connection to potential partners.