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Jean Bosco IGIRUKWISHAKA, Executive Director, who holds a Master’s degree in Management and Sustainable Development and a Master’s degree in Science and Integrated Environmental Management, specialising in natural resource management, is a young Burundian with a talent for entrepreneurship and innovation.

Formally involved in entrepreneurship since 2015, his life has been characterised by unparalleled creativity, as demonstrated by his many attempts (successful and unsuccessful) to launch income-generating activities. Currently an entrepreneur interested in social entrepreneurship and advocating entrepreneurship for young people and women, he is a key facilitator of training courses in social entrepreneurship, design thinking, social innovation, value chain development and effective leadership and management. As a trainer of trainers in entrepreneurship and financial education, he is one of the leading resource persons for conferences and workshops, financial education, social entrepreneurship and planning and innovation.

NIRAGIRA Didace, A Master in Entrepreneurship and Project Management, he has experience in Social Entrepreneurship, Project Planning and Project Management. His work focuses mainly on the management of cooperatives, associations and businesses, entrepreneurship, leadership and effective management, drawing up business plans, project management, financial education and marketing.