The Parc des Jeunes Entrepreneurs (PARJE) is a non-profit association under Burundian law. It was approved by OM n ° 530/1768 of November 5, 2014 approving the association Parc des Jeunes Entrepreneurs, « PARJE » in acronym. It also obtained the deed by letter n ° 530/1200 / CAB / 2018 of June 18, 2018.

PARJE is an organization that works for the empowerment of young people and women through entrepreneurship through capacity building and the establishment of provincial platform structures (SPP) where young entrepreneurs can meet for mutual support. by exchanging ideas, knowledge and experiences.

PARJE works for Youth empowerment via entrepreneurship by structuring young entrepreneurs’ hubs in Burundi. Its strategic goal is to facilitate mutual support and various supports from partners to young start-up in entrepreneurship. It is a burundian entrepreneurs platform/Network that includes SMEs created and managed by young people