Abjectives and values

Global Objective

The aim of PARJE is to contribute to the professionalization and profitability of trades in order to improve the economic life of the Burundian population by promoting job creation through entrepreneurship.

Strategic goal

– To build the capacity of potential young entrepreneurs through training and coaching on entrepreneurship modules such as: business plan development, organizational management, simple accounting, marketing strategy, communication, managerial leadership, value chain development, financial education;

– To facilitate mutual support among young entrepreneurs and various support from other partners to young people and women starting out in entrepreneurship;

– To form a Burundian network of young entrepreneurs that includes SMEs created or run by young people and women.


Knowing that values are the fundamental convictions and principles that underlie and define our behavior and actions, PARJE has adopted the following values:
– Honesty;
– Integrity;
– Diligence;
– Determination;
– Professionalism;
– Patriotism.