PARJE Founder


Emile Uwezowamungu is a Burundian Young Leader in Entrepreneurship. As young and famous entrepreneur  that my country has known nowadays.He began his Entrepreneurship activities while a teen. He realized that  the best way to create decent and sustainable jobs for young people is to involve them in the entrepreneurship given that the unemployment rate among young people is increasing.  At only 22 years old, and yet again a student, He established the CASTEC Company. According to me «The Entrepreneurship is so difficult but always possible».

Today he is the Founder & Chairman of CASTEC PLUS Company, Founder and first funder of PARJE NGO and INNOVA Group – the Social Enterprise.  Once more, He is  a Consultant   in Green &Social Entrepreneurship in terms of training, caoching, research and designing related-approaches.

Following this time, He is well committed to support young people in entrepreneurship activities.

So that he is Interested to extend his commitment to African young people  by collaboration and partnership through  INNOVA Group-Africa Social Innovation Incubator.