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Welcome to PARJE

working for and with youth on entrepreneurship in Burundi

PARJE works for Youth empowerment via entrepreneurship by structuring young entrepreneurs’ hubs in Burundi. Its strategic goal is to facilitate mutual support and various supports from partners to young start-up in entrepreneurship. It is a burundian entrepreneurs platform/Network that includes SMEs created and managed by young people


We have focus on Youth because In Burundi young people under 35 years old represent more than 65% of the population. This is the category of active people, however they suffer from unemployment. Every year the universities, secondary and technical schools graduate over 5000 students of which only 13.1% are likely to be employed. We extended our focus to women after realizing that among 65% of young, more than 56% are young women. Why we have these free programs:


Youth Entrepreneurship and Leadership Program

JECA “Jeunes Capables” in French, “Young Able” in English is the program which one includes Business plan competition with training & coaching to Business Plan Elaboration, Networking, mentorship and connection to partners to young start up in entrepreneurship.


Women Entrepreneurship and Leadership Program

WELI Program “Women Empowerment Leadership Initiative” is a special program for women in Parje. In this program, we have now the model : Women support skills Incubator only but we plan to design other initiative to help women to take role in their community via entrepreneurship.


Sustainability Engagement Program

ITT Program “Innovative Trainers Team” is a program which one consists to provide Training of Trainers to successfull entrepreneurs from Parje in order preparing them to be human resources to Parje team in services related to Training and coaching.

Our services to Young and Women

Common working space

We serve to our beneficiaries common working spaces during 2 years for their business plan development and starting up step of their enterprises.

Connection and Networking

We connect our beneficiaries to potentials partners for technical and financial support to their ideas.

Mentorship and matchmaking

We connect our beneficiaries to mentors for gaining experience related to business and entrepreneurship administration.

Professional Skills development

We are focusing on Entrepreneurship, Leadership, financial education, communication and marketing skills development.

Our successful entrepreneurs

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